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So it’s come to my attention (and a lot of others’ too, apparently because it’s trending on Facebook) that the CDC (Center for Disease Control) recently updated their website on the dangers of alcohol and pregnancy and what precautions a woman can take to ensure that a baby isn’t faced with the fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASDs). Which, normally, can be great. Knowledge is power.

women having drinks

However the CDC made the following statement:

Women should not drink alcohol unless they are using birth control.

oh lawd jesus what

Here are a few reasons why I can’t agree with this:

1. Easier said than done:

Let’s be honest. No adult, whether male or female, are going to completely give up either alcohol or sex.

beyonce drinking guinness

2. Women are already careful:

Most women know their own bodies, and quite well.

birth control questions

3. Access to Birth Control…not always easy:

in a perfect world women would be able to have easy access to both doctors and contraception. However this is, obviously, not the case for most women. Especially in the United States. Not only do many people in the U.S. not have healthcare, but getting birth control requires an appointment with a doctor, a prescription, and a pharmacy. All of which can be very expensive without, and even with, health insurance. It doesn’t help that places liked Planned Parenthood, that make it easier to get contraception, are being scrutinized and are being shut down.


4. Overstepping

On top of all this, this statement just can’t sit right with me because it is definitely overstepping boundaries. Most people hate being told how to live their lives and this is just another form of government trying to dictate what women should do with their bodies.

wonder woman smashing the patriarchy