Aug 263:19 pm

Why Should Men Care? – Body Image in the Media

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All too often when we talk about feminism, men may feel isolated.  Men might feel like it's not a topic for them.  Maybe labeling themselves as a "FEMINIST" will make them question their masculinity. But Feminism is for everyone.  And it's IMPORTANT for everyone.  It's interesting how many guys will try to turn the conversation around.  Because, you know... Feminism is only about women.  What about men's rights?  What about us, bruh? I feel like there's this innate fear that feminism means women are above men.  They try to fight the topic with me by proving to me [...]

Aug 254:17 pm

5 Things the Media Does to the Chicana Community that Needs to Stop

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We're back on our topic regarding the MEDIA and female representation.  Today, we're going to touch on the topics regarding Chicanas and the stereotypes and outright lies the media claims they know about us. First off, I think it's about time that my peers (my Chicana sisters) step up and be proud of their background.  It's hard, because I think most of us have struggled in really embracing our culture.  Nobody ever really questions why though.  When I talk to black women, they have a sort of proud demeanor about themselves.  Same with Native American women.  But Chicana women...I feel [...]

Aug 2512:58 pm

Mystique’s Cocktail Hour – Honeydew Ginger Mint Julep

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I don't know if I can really classify this as a julep, but it just felt right.  Julep's usually contain whiskey, but I still had tequila left.  Might as well save some money.  Maybe one of you can try this with some whiskey and tell me how it turns out!  This recipe was so amazing and refreshing!  Unfortunately, we didn't have too much honeydew, so I was only able to make one.  But trust me, you go stock up on some honeydew and be prepared to make these all night long, because they are amazing! Ingredients: lime honeydew [...]

Aug 2511:16 am

Celebrating Chicana Feminism: Sandra Cisneros

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I'm sure many of you all have heard of Sandra Cisneros.  She's the one who wrote The House on Mango Street, a collection of "vignettes" about a young Hispanic girl living in Chicago.  Although it's categorized as fictional, some believe it is largely reflective of Cisneros's childhood, as she too was from Chicago and dared to dream big. She's an important voice in the Chicana Feminist movement, because women in a Mexican-American household are not really "supposed" to have big dreams.  Please refer to last week's post about Chicana Feminism.  If you'll note, many first and second generation Mexican-American [...]

Aug 242:23 pm

8 Girl Punk Bands You Should Be Listening To Right Now

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I'm always excited to discover new music, particularly when bands are lead by amazing and empowered women!  I remember as a kid always thinking that the only songs that girls could sing was soft and "slow" songs.  So when I was first introduced to Bikini Kill, my little child brain nearly exploded!  Check out the following 8 bands that you should definitely listen to and FUCK IT!  Introduce your daughters to them and watch their eyes get big and excited as they jump around singing along with FEA! 1. The Bags We're gonna start it with [...]

Aug 242:00 pm

Mystique’s Favorite DIYs – Wall Art

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When I first moved into my mobile home, I was excited to get started on some big projects.  And then these plain white walls started to grow a little bigger in my head.  They got a little more daunting.  Back then, Pinterest wasn't a thing, so I had no fucking clue what the balls I was going to do!  It was scary. Fortunately, I had HGTV and Mark Montano and I had a full summer off to get going!  Now the walls are too small and there's not enough room for all the things I would like to do! Here's some [...]

Aug 233:06 pm

3 Reasons We Need to Stop Glorifying Celebrity Catfights

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It feels as though the media thrives on celebrity beef, particularly when it comes to "catfights" or when a female celebrity throws shade at another female celebrity.  Particularly on Twitter. You know, I'm not saying that celebrities don't have to defend themselves when they feel disrespected, but how many of you all have called out your friend in front of EVERYBODY.  If we have, it's usually regretful.  And if it's not...well, that's your prerogative.  But, for the most part, I think most of us don't really want to air our dirty laundry we have with someone over people we claim [...]

Aug 232:00 pm

Mystique’s Favorite Recipes featuring Melons

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Honeydew is probably my favorite type of melon.  Yes, even more so than watermelon.  But don't underestimate my watermelon game!  Honeydew season is upon us though, and the best come from California!  They're proven to be difficult to grow.  They'll grow, but they won't be as sweet.  What a shame.  The climate in California produces the best honeydews.  Of course that didn't stop my husband from planting some in his own garden.  They turned out okay, but not California great.  Here's some more info on honeydews. So following our new Tuesday afternoon tradition, we searched high and low for some [...]

Aug 231:00 pm

5 Problematic Ways Women Are Talked About in the Media

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It was a really interesting year keeping up with the Olympics.  I'm not sure if it's just the pages I follow or if it's because I surround myself with other feminists, but I found people to be a little more outspoken about the women's coverage.  It was fantastic!  Of course it's not fantastic how women are covered in the news, but it's really fantastic that people are finally waking up!  People are finally listening to the LANGUAGE and saying, "That's fucking sexist!" So, with the Olympics over, do we just kind of roll over and let the discussion die out. [...]

Aug 222:05 pm

The Best of El Paso: Sun City Roller Derby

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The Sun City Roller Derby bouts are seriously something all El Pasoans need to check out!  They are so full of energy and are so exciting!  The girls get you pumped, and if you don't know the rules, no worries.  They're out there teaching you the rules and getting you all caught up.  El Paso has four roller derby teams and they compete with each other as well as other teams in the area.  They usually play on Sundays once a month at the El Paso County Coliseum.  Check out their Facebook and their website for more details.

Aug 2212:24 pm

Feminism Basics: Representation in the Media

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Hey Everyone! Sorry for the delay in our week.  This should have gone up yesterday, but life happens sometimes. Hopefully this past week was informative on all things feminism.  We started off with some basic concepts in Feminism 101.  We hit on some of the roots of Chicana Feminism.  We talked about how our language demeans women and the importance of correcting our dialogue.  And we introduced you to some awesome celebrity feminists as well as some great shows that you can stream that highlight feminism. Feel free to click the links if you missed any of those, and they are [...]

Aug 206:00 pm

Feminist Streaming – Our Favorite Shows that Scream FEMINISM

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So, with the conversation still going about basic feminist ideals, let’s move on to my favorite past time:  binge watching television. I love love love television.  You wanna know how bad it is?  The only way I can sleep comfortably is if the TV is on, preferably with a sitcom.  My go-to’s are usually Everybody Loves Raymond or Gilmore Girls.  I can’t put on the shows I am about to introduce to you, because they are so thought provoking and progressive, I can’t simply tune it out. These shows are what I recommend to my fellow feminists.  Shows that are [...]