Sep 284:56 pm

Top 5 Facial Treatments We Love

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Hey Hey, everybody! I am 30 years old, and I still deal with acne and breakouts.  I know many of you all have the same issue.  You wanna know what's even sadder.  My face was pretty clear when I was in high school.  I would have the occasional zit every now and then, but acne?  Nada. Then it was towards the end of my first semester in college and I remember the exact place I got a massive zit.  it was in the corner of my upper lip.  The top of the heart, ya know.  And it was a nightmare.  I [...]

Sep 263:33 pm

Is Will & Grace back?

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  So, yes, summer's over.  School's back in session.  It's raining as I write this now, and I have officially turned off my AC for the first time in months.  It's understandable to be gloomy, but let me tell you, the only reason to not be gloomy is television.  Because the Fall tv lineup is on and it's already pretty awesome.  This is Us premiered and pretty much blew everybody's mind.  Our favorites are back scaring the shit out of us, such as American Horror Story and Scream Queens. But we can't even talk about the fall lineup, because something [...]

Sep 64:30 pm

Why Catcalling is Not the Way to Get a Date

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We're on the subject of harassment this week, and today we're going to talk about a type of harassment ALL WOMEN have experienced: Catcalling. Let's start off with this infamous video that was used to show the number of times a woman is catcalled while walking down the streets of New York City. Surprisingly enough (or maybe not so surprisingly), a major response to this video was that she was acting like a royal bitch.  I show this to my high school students, and the response is largely: Ay, yo, miss. The least she could do [...]

Sep 59:00 am

Feminism Basics: Harassment

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Hey All! This week we're going to talk about HARASSMENT.  It was difficult for me to choose a topic.  First I started with #GamerGate and the more I read up on it the more disgusted I became.  And ultimately, the main issue was regarding harassment.  Then I looked into more topics of harassment, until I finally came to the conclusion that it's a very important topic to follow last week's "Rape Culture" topic. I hope you all found last week's to be very informative!  We touched on What Consent Looks Like and how the media treats the subject of Rape. [...]

Sep 49:00 am

Mystique’s Favorite DIYs: Bullet Journal Inspiration

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Bullet Journals are all the rage right now.  And we're definitely on board!  Who doesn't like to customize their planner?  My advice to all my students has always been to get a planner you really love and put your own creative twist to it.  Because then you'll actually want to use it and reference it!  Bullet Journals are a little different from planners in that it let's you organize your thoughts and your To-Do's to get you to be a little more efficient.  Scheck it out! Bullet Journal Supplies Before you actually get to the fun [...]

Sep 312:00 pm

Mystique Cocktail Hour – Coconut Plum Mojito

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Soak it in, guys!  These are the last days of summer, and although pumpkin and cinnamon spice everything is already gracing our local watering holes and coffee shops, let's hang on to these moments just a little longer.  And the best way to do that is by mixing up a mojito!  Not just any mojito, though!  This is a delicious plum mojito, as the plums are in season right now and amazingly sweet! Before I start, sorry about the lighting. Usually we wait to get good ole natural lighting, but we were so excited to try this out! [...]

Sep 39:00 am

Mystique’s Favorite Recipes: Plums

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Plums are in season through September in Texas, so you better get on that!  The plums are looking great at the grocery stores and they couldn't be any sweeter!  Of course, they taste amazing by themselves (maybe with a little Tajin!), but just in case you want to add some variety, here are some great recipes we found starring PLUMS!  Click on the images for full recipes and sources. Fresh Plum Salsa over Sautéed Chicken Ingredients: 3 ripe plums, pitted and diced 1 small jalapeno pepper, seeded and diced 3 tablespoons chopped fresh basil 2 tablespoons [...]

Sep 25:32 pm

Why Should Men Care? – Prison Rape

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We're on our last day for this sensitive topic being rape culture.  I find it interesting when I talk about rape culture with men, and they tend to get very defensive.  And I can understand why.  #NotAllMen are rapists, but all men have been exposed to this type of conversation that they are entitled to sex and women.  So it's important for me to include boys and men in this conversation regarding rape culture. But of course, I always get the questions that go something like: Well, Miss, what about when a guy gets raped?  Nobody talks about [...]

Sep 15:44 pm

Celebrating Chicana Feminism – Alice Bag

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Maybe Alice Bag sounds familiar to her, because you read about her in this past post featuring some killer female punk bands.  Or maybe you're an avid punk fan and you know of The Bags and their imprint in the punk rock scene int he late 70's early 80's.  Maybe you're a die hard feminist who has come across Alice Bag's name in Chicana Punk Feminism.  Yeah, there's such a thing. Yes, Alice Bag is just that amazing and diverse, and if you don't know about here, let me help you out with that. Like I stated earlier, [...]

Sep 112:58 pm

Mystique Cocktail Hour – Green Chili Red Beer

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The Hatch Green Chili Festival is this weekend!  The best way to celebrate is by making a Green Chili Red Beer! Yum!  We have our share of Red Beer Recipes here at Mystique, but I really wanted one where I could showcase the Green Chili. Ingredients: Green Chili Lime Clamato Fresh tomatoes Worcestershire sauce Cholula Hot Sauce Cilantro Olive Juice Pickle Juice First you're gonna roast your green chili.  If you live in the Southwest, you could probably hit up your local grocer and have them roast a batch for you.  Yum! The smell, though! But, I decided [...]

Aug 316:12 pm

5 Ways School Dress Codes Builds a Rape Culture

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Continuing with our topic regarding RAPE CULTURE for the week, you would believe that school is definitely the place to un-teach these social standards that build up rape culture.  Unfortunately, most public school systems re-enforce the ideology that is rape culture. Coming as a former high school teacher, I enforced the dress code (for the most part), mainly because the rules were rules.  If my handbook states that students were not allowed to wear tank tops on campus, I made sure I had a sweater or jacket for them if they didn't. I hardly sent students to the office [...]

Aug 3112:00 pm

Mystique’s Favorite DIY’s: Bath & Body

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Now that most of you have survived your first week of school, I think y'all need to treat yourself to some R&R.  And we know how pricey it can get, especially as you start to pay off them student loans!  Jk jk!  I don't want to be a downer here.  But, seriously, sometimes treating yourself to a spa day can be really expensive.  So we searched high and low throughout the internet to find some DIYs and ways for you to customize your own R&R session.  Click on the photos for full instructions. Enjoy! Rose Milk Bath Bomb [...]